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Foto: Åke Fredriksson
        Spinnakers Hakefjorden

Foto: Åke Fredriksson. Spinnakers Hakefjorden


About Tjörn Runt by COWI

The regatta "Tjörn Runt" was sailed for the first time in 1963 after a crayfish party behind Lindqvist pastry in Stenungsund. During the party, someone came with the suggestion that "shall we sail around Tjörn?" What a great idea!


At 23.00 sharp a starting shot was fired and the four boats slipped away. One archipelago yacht, one dragon, one coastal cruiser and one B-22. The boats were different and they needed a handicap system and took the "mother in law" rule. Lwl times width, divided by-laws mother's shoe size + sail area. The voyage took all night and at six o'clock in the morning in Skåpesund the current was the opposite direction, little wind, a spectacular sunrise and finish. "We have to do this again" was the common conclusion.

And so is it. Each year, the third Saturday in August, this West Coast sailing festival occurs with the participation of boats of all sizes, from small keel boats to the largest Volvo Ocean Race racers, large and small multi-hulls. Tjörn Runt by COWI collects sailors from all over Sweden but also from the Scandinavian countries and Europe. 

50 years anniversary 2013

Tjörn Runt by COWI is now the world largest inshore regatta and August 18, 2013 the race had a 50 years anniversary. Normally the start is outside Stenungsön under the magnificent Tjörn bridge and the boats continue south in Hakefjorden, "round the corner"at Rönnäng and Klädesholmen, continue to Tjörns outside, past Skärhamn and through the picturesque and spectator-lined "eye of a needle " Kyrkesund. After that, the boats go north and into the Stigfjorden to the finish in Skåpesund. The race is 27 nautical miles long.

In 2013 and 2014 we changed direction and started in Stigfjorden and finsh outside Stenungsön.

Watching Tjörn Runt

Tens of thousands of spectators tend to follow the regatta. The best spectator area is at the west side of Tjörn bridge, Kårevik and Klädesholmen. A few hundred spectator boats also usually following the race.

Tjörn Runt is arranged by Stenungsunds Segelsällskap.